Pop-top and underbed struts

We have a huge range of gas struts to suit your every need. We supply, fit and repair struts for pop top for caravan, camper van, motorhomes and other vehicle with roof pop tops and struts for underbeds applications.

Caravan and Camper Trailer

We offer gas strut installation, replacement and repair services for caravan and camper trailer for caravan gas bottle lockers, windows, doors, beds and canopy. We stock extensive selection of gas struts for your gas needs.

Re-gas or Replace

Re-gassing or re-pressurisation your old gas struts can save you money over purchasing new. We offer a full regas or replacement service. We can regas your existing struts to extend their life. If struts need replacement, we carry a range of new stock.

Gas strut installation

We provide a mobile service for all types of struts for boots, bonnet, hatches and tail gates and much more for cars, vans, commercial vehicles, office chair and other multiple applications. Our gas struts come in both steel and stainless steel.